Ensure Your Delivery Drivers Are Staying Safe On The Road Or Else

If you own a delivery business, then you already know that sending your drivers out on routine deliveries involves a certain amount of risk. From high insurance premiums to the potential for costly car wrecks, delivering goods comes with a set of problems other business will never have to face. In order to make sure that your drivers deliver their wares safely and efficiently, you need to present them with the consequences of bad or reckless driving. It’s a conversation you need to have to ensure your company’s success. The following guide offers tips to ensure that your delivery drivers stay safe while they’re representing your company.

1: Traffic Violations

People run red lights every day, whether intentionally or not. While this might be a minor offense to a regular person, a delivery driver who disobeys traffic laws could wind up with more than a citation. Running red lights and stop signs can lead to accidents, and accidents can lead to untold horrors. Even traffic accidents that don’t lead to injury can cause serious delays, which means dissatisfied clients and less productivity.
2: Increased Insurance Premiums

As a delivery business, you already pay substantial insurance premiums on your company vehicles. Reckless behavior on the part of your drivers could lead to an increase in those fees, and in some cases, total cancellation. This cancellation could be disastrous, as other companies would find it hard to insure you, which could then lead to your business closing down. Drivers should not take increased insurance premiums lightly, as the snowball effect mentioned above could seriously damage your company’s profits.
3: Lawsuits

If your driver ran someone off the road, and that person suffered damage of any kind, you could be facing a civil or criminal lawsuit. You don’t have time to sit in court and defend bad behavior, so make sure your drivers know how serious a lawsuit can be. Civil or criminal action taken against you could cost thousands of dollars in fees and time away from work, not to mention the amount you might have to pay in restitution. Driving safely ensures that no one suffers damages that could lead to costly court battles.
4: Bad Reputation

Your company’s reputation depends on customer service, which is why so many truck driving companies have customer service telephone numbers stamped on the back of their trucks. Companies want to ensure that their reputation stays strong because of solid delivery drivers, and you should strive for the same goal. Ensure that your drivers understand that they represent your company, and any reckless behavior reflects poorly on your product. No one wants to do business with a disreputable delivery service. Make sure your employees understand this concept.
5: Personal Injury

Whether by accident or intentional bad driving, your drivers could cause serious injury if they don’t adhere to traffic laws. Speeding, running lights and driving under any influence (cell phones included) could result in major car accidents. These lead to lawsuits, and as mentioned above, lawsuits can snowball into a series of issues that effectively bankrupt your company. Make sure your drivers understand the seriousness of causing personal injury when they drive poorly.

These five examples offer a basic outline of what could go wrong if your drivers aren’t safe. Before you hire a new driver, ensure that he or she is properly licensed and has the right certifications. Offering a trial run for new drivers might be a good way to find out if they’re really ready to deliver for your company. By following proper safety precautions and making sure that your drivers know the risks, you’ll stand a better chance of staying a responsible and successful business.