The Five Best Money Management Apps

When it comes to organizing your finances, there are many tools at your disposal. Financial management applications can help you to see all of your transactions at a glance and effectively manage your cash flow. Financial organization apps can simplify your life and make managing money a breeze.


This handy budgeting app is one of the most frequently downloaded apps for both personal and business budgeting. Mint allows you to create a budget then record transactions against it each month. You can also link Mint to your bank accounts and allow it to automatically update your accounts on your behalf.


With handy bill alerts and payment reminders, you never again have to worry about late fees. Manilla allows you to manage all of your accounts, from your Internet service to your magazine subscription and car payment. With the Manilla app, you simply tell it when your bills are due and it makes sure you don’t forget.

Evolve Money

The Evolve Money bill pay app is the gold standard in bill pay applications. With a simple to use interface, this free app allows you to pay all of your bills with one account and password. Forget signing up for a new account at every one of your vendors websites. Simply create one account login and password and pay bills with just a few clicks. Evolve Money pays bills in two days or less, eliminating the need for stamps.

Evolve works across devices. Use the app to pay bills from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. With a database of thousands of payees, you can simply find your vendor and set up your bill pay schedule with ease. This free app can save you hundreds of dollars in late fees, postage and envelopes.


Receive payments and send money with this app for Android and Apple. The merchant processor of choice for sites like Amazon and Ebay, Paypal offers a wide range of choices for both businesses and individuals. If you receive payments online, Paypal has an easy to use account system that allows you to see all of your transactions at a glance. Transfer your available funds to your existing bank account or sign up for the application’s debit Mastercard for easy access to your cash.


Saving money can be a challenge. SavedPlus makes it easy. With this handy free app for both Apple and Android, you can save as you spend by automatically transferring funds to your savings account with each purchase. Set the filter at 10% and save $5 every time you spend $50 for gas, for example. Save your money to your IRA, prepaid debit card or savings account. The sky is the limit. The app has handy features that will allow you to adjust and control how much you save. If you want to set limits on the savings when your funds are low, this app will make that simple. You can also set upper limits. Set the app to only divert funds for purchases under $250, for example. With this handy app, saving money has never been easier.

When it comes to effectively managing your money, there are many apps on the market that will keep your finances in order. From payment apps like PayPal, bill pay apps like Evolve Money and savings apps like SavedPlus, managing money has never been easier.