Five California Brands that Offer Collateral Loans

If you’re having a tough time making ends meet this year, you’re not the only one. Financial problems are common all over the world. Overspending, investments tanking and a bad economy are just a few problems that can cause a shortage of cash in your pockets. In banks and other financial institutions, getting cash immediately is tough, especially with strict restrictions for loans. If you’re in a tough situation where you need cash immediately, visit some of these California brands that offer collateral loans.

With eight locations across California, Best Collateral is one of the biggest brands in California that offers collateral loans. Like any other brand, Best Collateral takes merchandise as collateral for loans, and the amount of cash you get depends on the value of your item. There’s no credit history or employment status required — just an item of value, like jewelry or a laptop. Items used as collateral will be kept secure at a Best Collateral location with their professional staff until you return to pick them up.

Like Best Collateral, San Diego Jewelry Buyers has been offering collateral loans for years — over 20 years, to be exact. The difference is that San Diego Jewelry Buyers focuses on customer service. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll be offered a fresh beverage and be escorted to a private room, where you can work out a deal with a member of staff to pawn your item or get a temporary loan — no credit check required. Collateral loans range from $2,500 to $50,000, determined by the resale value of the item.

Depending on the type and quality of the item, La Jolla Jewelry will offer a short-term loan on it as collateral. Getting a collateral loan at La Jolla Jewelry only takes a couple of minutes, because their terms and fees are simple and fair. No credit checks required — just a valid form of identification.

Based in Riverside County, California Jewelry Buyers is a leading buyer of fine estate jewelry, diamonds and gold. One element that makes California Jewelry Buyers unique is they offer bridge loans on collateral, meaning business owners can maintain liquidity and keep their businesses running. Collateral loans range from $50 to $250,000, depending on the resale value of the item. Bring in any items you want to offer for collateral, and a member of the staff will appraise the item in front of you and make an offer right away.

From paintings to antiques, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan of San Francisco takes pretty much any item for collateral so you can get the funds you need right away. Maxferd Jewelry and Loan offers collateral loan periods of four months with a 10 day grace period. You can extend your loan for an additional four months and 10 days by paying the due interest. With their strict, clear guidelines, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan gives customers peace of mind and understanding of what’s expected of them.

Loans from financial institutions like banks are a long and tedious process that involves meeting multiple requirements and criteria. They’re certainly not for people who need fast and easy cash. Unlike most other loans, collateral loans are not subject to rigorous rules or conditions. You don’t have to have great credit history or a job — just a valid form of identification and an item of some value.