10 Tips For The Pregnant Yet Fashionable CEO

Congratulations! You’ve already enjoyed a successful career, and now you’re about to become a successful mother, too. But did you know that you don’t have to abandon business fashion just because of your pregnancy? Here are 10 tips for staying stylish as a female CEO and mom-to-be.

1: Ditch The Heels

They may be a staple of the female CEO, but they’ll absolutely murder your feet when you’re carrying around a seven pound human. Swap them out for a pair of stylish flats instead.

2: Draw The Eye Down The Body

To avoid looking chunky and professional, don’t let the eye “stutter” when moving down your outfit. Dress in matching or at least complimentary colors from top to bottom, allowing the eye to glide smoothly down your frame and give you the impression of height and slenderness despite your baby bump.

pregnant business lady

3: Find A Flattering Bra

Most women gain at least one cup size during their pregnancy, yet few ever think to get themselves fitted for a newer, more comfortable and more flattering bra. Wearing the right size can make all the difference in how your blouses fit! Don’t be afraid to pull out the tape measure and figure out exactly what you need as you proceed through your pregnancy.

4: Embrace Your Apple Shape

It doesn’t matter if you started the year as a pear, triangle or hourglass; all pregnant women become apple shapes by default. Shop specifically for this figure by looking for tops with empire waists and natural A-lines.

5: Operate Under the Cover of Darkness

…by wearing a lot of black, that is. It’s easy, it’s stylish and it will hide any of the stranger bumps and rolls of your pregnancy. If you enjoy a little color in your wardrobe, you can always accessorize with shawls, handbags and shimmering jewelry.

6: Don’t Be Afraid of Tights

They’re an easy way to add sophistication to any ensemble, but tights aren’t exactly known for their forgiving fits, so what’s a pregnant woman to do? Thankfully, companies like Preggers have stepped up and filled the void for maternity leggings and tights. Enjoy the style you’ve always had but without the discomfort of their pinching waists!

7: Tunics Hide A Multitude of Sins

Tunic sweaters will smooth and round out your belly for a very picturesque pregnancy look. The same can be said of blazers if you’re a stickler for business casual. As a bonus, they’ll also hide that annoying tendency of your blouses to ride up in the back as you sit down, so you’ll never again have to worry about tugging down your top in the middle of a board meeting.

8: Buy Belly Bands in Bulk

Pregnancy’s best-kept fashion secret is the belly band, a large, figure-hugging cloth that goes under your top and around your middle to hold everything in place. You can leave your pants unzipped or your skirt undone and no one will ever know! So don’t throw away all your business suits just yet.

9: Look For Shirrings

Shirrings, or “gathers,” are the rumpled fabric you sometimes find on sleeves and skirts. They’re very flattering for heavier figures, and they’ll also maintain the sleek, professional look you require as a female CEO.

10: Find Your New Little Black Dress

You don’t have to give up the classic of women’s fashion just because you have a baby on the way. Find that one maternity dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, then wear it every week with different shoes, jackets and accessories.

These are just a few tips for staying fashionable in the office during your pregnancy. Remember that beauty always starts from within, so if you’re glowing with confidence, vitality and new life, you could wear a burlap sack and still look great!