How Companies like Hilltop Capital Create a Global Bridge For Real Estate Investors


If you are considering further investment in either regional or global real estate investments, finding companies that have put together an infrastructure that will provide you with complete satisfaction in their ability to meet your requirements should be at the top of your list of things to achieve.

Here are some firms that have consistently performed over the past decade for their real estate clients:

Hilltop Capital

If you are looking at real estate fund firms that can analyze what you have or create something for you from the ground up, Hilltop Capital is one firm that has worked hard to ensure that their global reach equates with seamless service wherever you intend to focus your investments. Not only is their top management very experienced in global markets, their account people and their support people have in-country experience in almost every country on the planet, which is not an insignificant factor if your investment is going to be larger than a regional market.

Another plus to this company is that Hilltop capital management uses market research to help craft their strategies. They also focus quite a bit on building joint ventures and alliances.

Goldman Sachs

If you are just looking to park your corporate funds in a real estate fund that is managed by one company as an investment, looking at a firm like Goldman Sachs as one option makes sense. In the past 20 years, they have raised close to 30 billion dollars for the funds that they offer, investing it all over the world on behalf of their clients and providing returns as if the investment vehicle were a mutual fund.

Goldman Sachs is somewhat legendary in the mergers and acquisitions business for its sarcastic humor around the office regarding the efforts of outside competitors’ staff. But when it comes to getting the job done for their real estate investors, most people find out quickly that the known, excellent service that they provide to their clients is a large part of why they are able to have such bravado.

Guggenheim Investments

For those that favor REIT investments, there are a variety of firms that manage and sell Real Estate Investment Trusts on behalf of their clients. And although it is beyond the scope of this article to talk about individual opportunities, looking to companies that have a solid reputation remains important in this area as well. Guggenheim Investments is a North American-based company that has had a storied history before its modern push into asset management. Although growth has been rapid over the past decade, the core values of the company, if adhered to seem to be attracting a lot of clientele.

Overall, the market opportunities for growth in regional and global real estate remain potentially lucrative for those interested in investing. Your needs and therefore the types of capabilities that each firm that you find will offer will therefore change. Their reputation as a provider of the services that you seek should not ever need to change, however. Look at Hilltop Capital as a positive example. They have the capability of creating a global bridge for real estate investors- and they are very certain that their process is well-designed before it ever goes in front of clients.