Five Online Resources For Start-Up Businesses

When starting up a business, the most critical factor is finding resources that cost little or no money to help get your business going. There are a handful of online resources available and here’s a list of five great online resources for your start-up.

Possibly the most widely used blog format website builder, WordPress allows for a full range of creative control on the platform. This allows start-ups the ability to build quality websites for their business without the need for costly hosting and design tools. The interface is relatively easy to use and provides for a wide facility for adding and managing content. Although anyone that has some technical knowledge can function the WordPress platform without problems, there are consulting companies that are experts in optimizing the platform to generate maximum business. The beat feature of WordPress is that the basic platform is completely free to use.

Over the years, Craigslist has been a topic of controversy. It’s open-source format and low moderation of content has put the website under fire more than once. What makes the site so great is that it is a free flowing classified ads platform that is cost free. Businesses advertise on the site to locally place ads for a diverse range of services and offers. Small businesses that are looking to hire can use this as a tool for finding the next candidate. The posting format allows for the use of HTML linking and pictures. This makes for great advertisement that is dynamic and free of charge.

Online Printing
Printing services like Vista Print offer a free batch of business cards on the first order. The buyer only pays shipping fees for up to several hundred cards. This is a great tool for getting an upstart business going. The designs are limited to the templates on the page but it is a worthy sacrifice for the value of what you get. Aside from this deal, the company allows a wide range of print services that range from banners to pamphlets to full-color fliers. They are reasonable in price that is comparable, if not better than most brick-and-mortar print services.

If your start-up involves some kind of creative content that is looking for funding, Kickstarter might be the answer. The way that the site works is that the creator of the project sets up a profile page with a determined amount of money needed to successfully fund the project itself. These details are laid out on the project profile and requests for donations are then asked. Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing policy where if your project doesn’t receive its total funding, then you don’t get the money for that project.

Google Docs
It seems as if everyone is taking things to the cloud these days. Rightfully so since working out of the cloud allows you to be mobile while still getting work done. Access to the cloud only needs an internet connection and a device that allows whatever function you need to do it. Google Docs is cloud storage that is accessible on any device. There’s also a word processor, presentation maker, and spreadsheet maker that is compatible with Microsoft Office products. Google Docs is a great tool that it allows the user to set specific security settings allowing the user to share those documents should they be needed.

Online resources are in abundance and many are cost free. Keeping your basic overhead low is an excellent way to stay above water. By utilizing some of these resources, you are taking a big step to start-up success.