5 Tips To Manage Your Money At a Casino & 5 Casinos To Visit

For first-timers, gambling at a casino can be an intimidating experience. The sights, the sounds, the constant action, the unfamiliar games and customs, and the fact that sometimes lots of money is on the line, leads to feelings of sensory overload. But fear not, inexperienced gamblers. We have helpful tips to help you manage your money at the casino (no matter the experience level), and, when you feel comfortable with those, we suggest five casinos worth visiting.


The first step to properly managing your money at the casino is setting your spending limit. Experts suggest that you should set your spending limit at a monetary amount that is not only in your budget, but, if you should have an unlucky day gambling, also an amount of money that you would feel comfortable losing. That is, if losing $50 dollars would not bother you, but losing $75 would, set your budget at $50, so you do not feel guilty or angry if you lose it. Then, to ensure that you stick to your budget, leave your credit card and additional cash with a trusted friend or spouse who will not let you access them under any circumstances.

The second step to properly managing your money is learning the rules of the games you will be playing. Don’t understand what a ‘Full House’ is in Texas Hold ‘Em, but you plan on playing the game during your next trip to the casino? Pick up a book on poker or conduct a simple Internet search to familiarize yourself with how Texas Hold ‘Em is played, so that you are cool, collected, and confident when you are playing the game for money.

The third recommendation for how to watch your money at the casino, and something that builds nicely off of step two is know the best bets to make in the game you are playing. Knowing what a “Royal Flush” is, and knowing that you might want to go all-in when you have one while playing Texas Hold ‘Em, is the difference between going home with money bulging in your pocket or nothing.

Casinos, it seems, are popping up all over the maps these days. As such, they try their hardest to ensure you keep coming back again and again as a regular player. Nearly every casino offers a points program that gives its members access to hotel rooms, free meals, and free bets. A great way to manage, if not save, your money at the casino is to join these programs. Instead of breaking your budget by spending too much at the bar or at the restaurant, joining the casino’s rewards program could get you those things at a reduced price or even for free.

Now that you have set your bankroll, are familiar with casino game rules, the best bets to make, and are a member of a casino’s rewards program, the next step to managing your money at a casino is to gamble only at a place that fits your skill level. Although gambling at one of the elaborate, famous casinos in Las Vegas might provide the best memories, their table limits might be too high, or all of that action might entice you to spend too much too quickly, ruining your gambling budget. Instead, try going to a smaller, local casino that is closer to home and has lower table limits that will allow you to learn how to gamble responsibly.

Once you feel comfortable gambling, and want to travel to gamble, there are many casinos worth checking out. Five casinos worth visiting are: WinStar World Casino, Foxwoods Resort, The Venetian Macao, The MGM Grand, and Casino Lisboa.