Seven Important Qualities to Look for in Finding A Great Lawyer

Whether you have an immediate need for a lawyer or are researching for a possible need in the future, it is important to lay the foundation of a relationship with someone early so that when the need arises you are both familiar with each other.

how to find a good lawyer

In today’s litigious society it’s a good idea to have a lawyer available who is familiar with you and your business in order to advise you if or when a problem arises, but to give you advice on the legal aspects of running your business.

This article will serve as a primer for what qualities you should look for in a good lawyer. We have compiled this list alongside a top rated injury lawyer in the San Diego area.

1. Experience. Putting up a shingle as a lawyer doesn’t necessarily make him or her a good one. Further, unlike college, those who are graduated from a law school are lawyers, but without any particular knowledge of a specific area of the law. This specialization is earned through hard won experience.

You should choose a lawyer who has specific experience–and the more the better–dealing with the type of law you will need advice with.

2. Willingness to learn. The lawyer you decide to work with should be willing to take the time to learn about your business, where you are currently as well as what your goals are. This willingness is indicative of how they will work with you as a client.

3. Communication skills. Avoid working with a lawyer who isn’t willing to translate legalese into terms you are comfortable with.

howtofindagoodattorney4. Availability. Having a problem and not being able to reach a lawyer when you need them can be very frustrating. If a lawyer is willing to have meetings with you and returns your calls promptly you have found someone you should stick with.

5. Rapport. Beyond professionalism, rapport is something about another person that is much deeper, something that allows you to get along with someone as a person. Some people just don’t have it, others do. You should find an attorney who

6. References. Feel free to ask for references about a lawyer’s professional qualifications as well as their character. If you are given references, call them. Ask about the work that was done and their fees. If that past client was happy with the lawyer’s performance, chances are good that you will be too.

7. Reasonable fees. Hiring a good lawyer isn’t going to be cheap. All of his time and experience amounts to something, and the better the lawyer you are dealing with, the higher his price tag will normally be. If you find a lawyer who is willing to work for less money there might be a good reason for it. Perhaps they are new to the profession. Perhaps they aren’t very good at it. Regardless, if you have questions about a person’s fees, ask them. But make sure you understand the reason for everything you are charged.

Lawyers are a lot like any other professional. There are good ones and not so good ones. Further, the law can be very mystifying. Fortunately, a good lawyer is one who is willing to work with you to explain things to you until you are comfortable and pleased with the results.