Celebrities That Have Made The Successful Transition Into Business

Celebrities are making transitions into business as a way of diversifying their interests and also as a way of gaining more exposure in the entertainment world. When fans can’t buy music, magazines, or movies, they can always justify buying shoes, clothes, skincare, and even, perfume. Here are a few celebrities who have managed to make this transition with few problems.


1. Jessica Simpson’s Shoe and Handbag Line

While Jessica Simpson is known for belting out the latest pop tunes, there is almost nothing cuter for the younger generation than her shoe and handbag line. She has a line of boots, shoes, and handbags that cover nearly ever fashion genre out. The best part about her line is that it’s affordable for the average income. Jessica Simpson has a line of edible lip gloss, perfume, and other beauty products also that are featured under the Dessert Beauty brand.

2. Brittany Spears “Curious”

You can not only jam to tunes like “Toxic,” but you can also buy Brittany’s fragrance “Curious,” “Radiance,” and “Cosmic Radiance.” Her first fragrance was released in 2004, which broke Elizabeth Arden’s first-week gross revenue for a perfume launch. In fact, all of her fragrances combined equate 34 percent of Elizabeth Arden’s total sales. Radiance was the eighth fragrance. Although there were $10 million in damages filed due to her fragrances, Spears recovered with Cosmic Radiance, which sold over one million in the first five years. The gross receipts reached $1.5 billion.

3. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty

Model Cindy Crawford launched a product line called Meaningful Beauty. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty is a wonderful line of products that will help clients nurture their skin. Doctors and scientists work to perfect this formula and have developed an incredible line that has managed to sell well in the cosmetic industry. Cindy Crawford’s Home also provides exceptional products for the home that nearly any person could use and enjoy.

4. Vanessa William’s Proactiv

Singer, model, and actress managed to launch a product line. Vanessa William’s Proactiv has an exceptional product line that delivers. As it purports, it will slowly reduce the signs of acne without damaging the skin with harsh chemicals. Many celebrities have endorsed the product and commented on how effective it was for their skin. This skin care line made it’s debut on television and has been selling rapidly since it’s introduction.

5. Jennifer Lopez’s Clothing Line

Singer Jennifer Lopez launched her clothing line and perfume line, which propelled her to being one of the most successful businesswomen who is also an entertainer. Currently, her net worth is $250 million, and she is continually releasing new products to make her empire larger and her fan-base happier. Most people were pleased with both her clothing and perfume line.

6. Sean Combs’ FUBU and Jay Z’s Rocawear

Rapper Sean Combs’ FUBU (For You By You) is a New York-based clothing company that reached $350 million in annual worldwide sales. The clothing line also won two Congressional Awards, the Pratt Institute Award, and two NAACP awards. The clothing line rebranded itself to recover from its near $150 million fall in sales.

Rapper Jay-Z’s Rocawear has managed to reach $700 million in sales while marketing everything from socks to sunglasses. Singers like Ciara have promoted the product.

Celebrities Making Waves in the Business World

These are just a few celebrities who have successfully transitioned into the business world. There are countless others. Check out how these products have changed the face of entertainment.