Successfully Selling Women’s Clothing

When you want to successfully sell women’s clothing, you will struggle if you don’t work harder than your competition and understand your buyers. Someone who understands this more than anyone is Bradly Hanger, a successful business women who has been working for since 2001. This is an extremely competitive marketplace; plenty of people fail to market their clothes to women. However, with these five tips, you can sell clothing to women.

Look at current styles for ideas: Men’s styles don’t change frequently and what worked 20 years ago still works today. On the other hand, with women, you will want to look at popular trends of today. Otherwise, if you look back to the past, you will hurt your chances of landing a sale as women will respond by skipping over your product. To know what sells, don’t just look at celebrity styles and what is on television. No, take it further and walk the streets of a major city; take note as to what women are wearing. At the same time, think about your market as you don’t want to look at teenage styles when you want to sell to middle-aged women. When you do this wisely and take time to delve into understanding local and national styles, you can find willing buyers with little effort.

Always on sale: While tricky, if you want to appeal to an excited buyer, you need to constantly put your items on sale. To accomplish this without hurting your profits, consider artificially raising your prices and holding frequent sales. While plenty of store managers and clothing companies don’t like doing this, it’s the easiest way to compete as people respond to bargains and low prices. If you don’t do this, you will watch your competition take your market share as your potential buyers will bolt for seemingly lower prices. At the same time, while following this advice, don’t undercut your prices to the point where you lose money, as it’s difficult to climb out of this hole in the long run.

Hire women and men to sell your clothing: It’s easy to run out and hire a hardworking and educated young women who are eager to show off your clothing to buyers. However, instead, try to hire young and old people alike who can offer their unique ideas and insights on the product. Furthermore, hire a few men as plenty of women love to work with a man and ask for his opinion on an important clothing decision.

Low-pressure and complimentary: All-too-often, a salesperson will try too hard to close the sale. When you push too hard, your customer will bolt and you will never see them return. Instead, when you want to convert a visitor into a buyer, compliment them and give your insight. With a low-pressure and friendly approach, your buyer will feel confident and spend money without worry.

Don’t forget accessories: Now, to succeed and watch your brand take off, you need to provide your buyers with everything they want. To offer a full selection, you need to sell the right accessories that help accentuate your buyer’s looks. With items such as scarves and belts, you can increase your sales and watch as your buyers leave the stores satisfied.

It’s not easy to sell to women, as they are often finicky about their choices. However, with these five tips, you can sell clothing to women without fear.