5 Types Of Businesses That Support The Scientific Research Industry

We hear a lot about how science and research support industries as diverse as aerospace and energy to home video and amusement park rides. But what about the businesses that support the scientific research industry? These are companies that keep research laboratories up and running so that they, in turn, can discover the knowledge and technologies modern life counts on every day.

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Laboratory instrument compliance services
A researcher is only as good as his or her instruments are calibrated and in line with all relevant regulations. With the help of a laboratory instrument compliance expert, scientists can breathe a little easier when it comes to having all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed regarding their equipment.
Laboratory relocation services
Moving a research lab isn’t like moving from one apartment to another — equipment can be extremely sensitive to shocks, vibration, and temperature; often times, regulated materials need to be officially cleared for transport; and of course anything involving radiation or live animals produces its own unique headaches. Professional laboratory relocation services are contracted to take care of everything researchers might need in a move from one facility to another.
Laboratory design services
Before a lab’s equipment is ordered or its researchers hired, it needs to be designed for the needs of the particular studies it is intended to carry out. There are clinical labs, ones using radioactive substances, ones with controlled substances that could be prime candidates for theft, and as many more as there are different fields of study. For example, does a certain lab need to have lead-lined cabinetry? If so, how many? A laboratory design firm can suggest options that the consulting scientists may never have considered.
Laboratory equipment manufacturers and suppliers
Once a lab is designed, built, moved, and officially sanctioned, it must be stocked with everything a researcher needs to start working. From shelving to test tubes to lab coats to eye protection, laboratory equipment manufacturers and suppliers are the people to contact when scientists are getting up and running in a new location, or when they simply use up the items they have. A laboratory office manager whose responsibility is to make sure everything needed is stocked or on order is a necessity and must work in conjunction with the manufacturers and suppliers of their equipment.
IT personnel
Research in the 21st Century uses a lot more than just beakers and chemicals — in fact, computers and networks are indispensable in the modern laboratory, and that means that Information Technology experts must be made a part of the lab support team. Even if the number crunching needed in nuclear physics isn’t necessary, email and data storage are still crucial for a laboratory to run smoothly and communicate efficiently with the outside world. A lot of researchers are also computer mavens, but every minute a scientist spends on maintaining the lab’s computer system is a minute lost to doing the job of research. IT is vital.

These are just five of the industries that help keep the scientific research industry alive in the United States and around the world. Whatever future needs a laboratory has, a company somewhere will rise to the occasion to provide for them.