7 Services Commonly Overlooked By Chief Operating Officers

When running a company, it is easy to forget about the little things and let them slide. This is unwise as a COO should strive to keep things in order and avoid chaos. While this sounds easy, it requires a lot of thought and skill. With that being said, here are seven services commonly overlooked by chief operating officers.


Heating and cooling: In a building, workers and customers will grow uncomfortable when it is too hot or cold. To combat this, most people install a heater and air conditioner. Of course, this is just the beginning as they often need repair. To fix them, a COO will need to call upon a professional as it is not possible for the average person to crawl in and fix the issue. For this reason, a smart executive should have an HCAV tech on speed dial.

Security: In some cases, the COO should hire a security officer. With this addition to the team, the company can prevent theft or other issues. Luckily, when paying a security guard a livable wage, a company can ensure that no issues occur under his or her watch.

Accountant: Some busy company owners will use a program to keep track of profits and losses. This is not always a good idea as an accountant can spot errors and prepare a tax return. In fact, when tax time rolls around, you should have an accountant who can work with the CPA to finish things quickly.

Online marketing coordinator: Now, when running an organization, a company must have a viable marketing campaign. In fact, with the Internet, a company should reach out to people from all over the world. This is easier when the business owner hires a qualified and competent online marketing person who can help the firm find more customers.

Energy audit professional: From time to time, a company should hire a person who can walk through the office and find any shortcomings in the energy setup. For example, he or she can find a leaky air duct or other item causing the company to waste cash. By doing this once or twice a year, a COO can save the organization a lot of cash and help protect the environment by using less power.

Human resources: Often, a smaller firm will not have an in-house human resources manager. While this is not a problem in itself, it is wise for the company to, at minimum, outsource this job and find a person who can deal with paperwork and other issues. Otherwise, when a problem occurs, a company will have a serious problem on its hands.

Catering: When having a celebration lunch or dinner, a company should outsource this task to a catering company. With this, the executives and hourly workers can sit around and discuss important day-to-day issues. Otherwise, when a firm does not outsource this job, some workers will have to spend this important moment serving food and cleaning everything. Instead, when allowing people to relax, the firm will have happy and pleasant employees on its hands.

Without a doubt, a busy COO should understand it is wise to invest in some services. When doing so, one can concentrate on more pressing manners and let a specialist handle the boring and time-consuming tasks that others do not know how to do.